We are a very warm and welcoming school for all children.
At our school we pride ourselves on having a very close family feel forthe students and believe that children will feel safe, comfortable andconfident being surrounded by our professional teachers who care abouteach students well-being and individual learning needs.

We support each child's learning styles and most importantly theirpersonal growth.

Sometimes children will face difficult times and we are always here to help and support them in a caring way. As a parent you can leave your children here knowing that they are safe and always well looked after.

We hope that you will see great improvements in your child's English skills be it reading or writing, listening or speaking or just plain casual conversation skills and vocabulary.

We hope to see you at our school sometime in the future.

Children of the next generation will definitely be required to take a more active part in international society. With that future reality in mind, the development of international communication skills in a necessity. English is the most universal language in the world and we believe it would benefit every child to improve his or her English language skills. However, language skills alone do not necessarily prepare children for becoming global citizens.

At Julia International School, experienced teachers work with students in small groups, providing individual attention to each child. Our international group of teachers does more that simply teach the English language. By interacting with individuals from different countries and cultures on a daily basis, JIS students are able to develop an intimate understanding of cultures, customs and manners from all over the world.

We believe in the effectiveness of employing Western educational standards to guide children living in Japan towards their full potential.

Special features of JIS
At JIS children learn English while having fun
JIS celebrates a variety of both Japanese and non-Japanese holidays throughout the year
Our classes encourage studentsf natural curiosity and encourage students to use their imagination
In addition to English, kindergarteners and preschoolers also study French
Children that plan to attend a Japanese primary school (wZ) can take supplementary English and Japanese courses once a week (60mins.)
As a service to parents, we provide photos of children during class-time
We put out a monthly bilingual newsletter
Cooking lessons are provided for preschool, kindergarten, and afterschool students
We offer advice and support to parents interested in sending their children to prestigious private elementary schools
Each child gets a special present on his or her birthday (preschool and kindergarten enjoy the added bonus of birthday parties with their classmates and teachers)
Siblings receive discounts on all school programs and events (with the exception of the summer school)